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"from python import better" book

Moshe Zadka
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Already know Python? Want to get better at it? This is the book for you.

Covering among other things: How to take advantage of Python lists and dictionaries, how to improve unit tests and configure static code analysis for your Python and how to use immutable objects to make it easier to reason about your code.

Moshe has been writing Python code in production for over twenty years. This is the collected advice he has for people on how to improve their Python code, without having to wait twenty years.

Table of contents:

* Acknowledgements

* Foreword

* Introduction

* Simple

* Lists

* Dict

* Iterators

* Generators

* Defaultdict

* Counter

* Deque

* Attrs

* First Class Everything

* Unit Tests

* Static analysis

* Immutable objects

* Wheels

* Conclusion

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"from python import better" book

2 ratings
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